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Making Limeade from Limes or Turtle Soup from Turtle Jasper

These turtle jasper beads

were sent to me in error in

one of my bead orders.

To be honest, I thought they were ugly

when I first saw them,

but I decided to keep them anyway

and see if I could transform them

into something beautiful.

As it turns out,

I like this necklace quite a bit

and am contemplating keeping it 

and adding it to my own jewelry wardrobe!

What do you think?



Deborah said...

As always...I think its beautiful!
Lime always speaks "spring" to me..ever since I was a little girl ;)
Love you!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxooxoxox

Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster said...

It's so lovely, Denise! The soft colors and the delicate design just sing Spring. Beautiful!

Jesselyn Andersyn

Meeling said...

I think it's beautiful!! I love the color green though. I say keep it!! :)