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Random Acts of Kindness, Senseless Acts of Beauty ~ Kristin


A random act of kindness is
a selfless act bestowed upon a person,
for no reason other than
to make them happy
A senseless act of beauty,
is an act of honouring someone special,
with something unneccessary,
but pleasant and delightful (like jewelry)

Today my random act of kindness 
goes to my online acquaintance, Kristin
I met her online a couple of years ago when I 
has just opened my Etsy shop, BeadedEmbellishments.
A little birdie told me that she was celebrating
a birthday this week. 
So...."Happy Birthday Kristin"
You should be expecting a parcel 
in your mailbox soon.

  "Happy Birthday Kristin"

Kristin specializes in colored pencil fantasy art

Feel free to visit her Etsy shop, Aquariann

and wish her a "Happy Birthday"

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