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Random Acts of Kindness/Senseless Acts of Beauty ~ Meeling

random act of kindness is

a selfless act bestowed upon a person,

for no reason other than

to make them happy

A senseless act of beauty,

is an act of honouring someone special,

with something unneccessary,

 but pleasant and delightful.

What a lovely concept!

It is my desire to put this concept

into practice in my own life.

I have chosen



The Hairy Peach Blog

to be the recipient of a

Random Act of Kindness/Senseless Act of Beauty


Meeling has been a follower

and regular commenter on my blog.

I am a follower of her blog.

 She is also a very sweet and talented person

and I just wanted to take this

opportunity to recognize her.

Her posts and recipes

leave my mouth watering...

Meeling, something delightful will be delivered

to your mailbox soon!! ;)

(July 12/11 ~update~)
(Meeling made a sweet post about this here)

Your coments are welcome