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~Have a peek at Chloe's page, she's my precious grand-daughter~

The Sweetest Gift

I love this picture of Chloe. She has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest, joyful disposition.
 This picture was taken while she was at her local Santa Claus parade.
 I'm sure she's really still too young to appreciate what she saw at the parade but her eyes seem to tell the story of her wonder and amazement.
She's so precious and she's brought so much joy to my life. 
I love you and miss you Sweetheart!

( my beautiful granddaughter)

Time Limited Promotion ~ Gift with Purchase ~

Time Limited Promotion 
 in time for Holiday gift giving

~ Gift with Purchase ~

Spend $50.00 (before Shipping & Handling) at
 Beaded Embellishments Etsy shop and you will
receive one beautiful
absolutely FREE! (gift value $14.00)
Excellent item for yourself or as a stocking stuffer!

Other colours available but not pictured
Sorry no colour choice with this promotion

I'd love to hear what types of promotions/sales are your favourites?
Leave me a comment below.
Happy Shopping!

Holiday Dressing ~One "Little Black Dress" + A Splash of Embellishments = Fabulous Fashion!

A "Little Black Dress" is a 'must have' for practically every woman.  Its your "go to" piece for a multitude of occasions. This is  the one dress thats got 'built in' versatility because all you have to do is change the accessories and Voila you've made a whole new look! The important thing to remember when shopping for that little black dress is that you will want to use it for many different occasions. This means you should choose a dress with simple, classic lines that is flattering to your body shape and in a style that will stand the test of time. Choose a dress that has minimal or no embellishment. It will allow you to make the best use of jewelry and/or accessories to change up the look to make the dress work for your lifestyle. Here are three basic dress styles but the possibilities are endless.


Accessories are what you need to take these dresses from
 simple to sensational!
  That's the beauty as well as the fun of it!
Here are some items that I have selected from some Etsy shops that can take this dress and give it different looks from simple to funky to elegant to sensational. Make Etsy your one stop shopping  for your jewelry and accessories this season!

The most important thing is to have fun with it!
Think of it as a blank canvas waiting for you to write your signature on it!

 Classic and Elegant


Festive in Reds
Red Coin Pearl MultiStrand Necklace
Red Crystal and White Pearl Hammered Silver Earrings
Red Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace

Blinging in the New Year

Fun and Funky

You've got the basics and now
It's time for you to start putting together your holiday look.
Have fun!

(little black dress pictures from Sears.ca)

Just a Short Note

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to all of my friends, aquaintances and customers who stopped by my table this weekend to shop or just to say "Hello". It was lovely to connect with you all again this year. My Etsy shop, Beaded Embellishments, is up and running again after being in vacation mode for the weekend so if you are still looking for Christmas gifts or jewelry for upcoming holiday events there is a widget on my right sidebar that will take you directly into my shop. If you are from the local area and you wish to make a purchase just email me first so we can make arrangements for pickup or delivery and avoid the shipping fees. Also, if anyone (local or otherwise) wishes to be placed on a mailing list to be notified of future sales, specials or giveaway contests please email me with your name and email address. This list will not be shared with anyone else.
Happy Holidays to you all!
Thanks Again

Artisan's Craft Show

I just wanted to let you know that my Etsy shop Beaded Embellishments is on "Vacation Mode" just for today Saturday Nov 6th and tomorrow Sunday Nov 7th while I am away with my handcrafted jewelry at my local Artisan's Craft Show. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. My Etsy shop will be back online Sunday evening. If you are in the area, I'd love for you to stop by my table and say "Hello". Davedi Club Airport Rd, North Bay, Ontario from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Free Admission!

My Mom and I

Shopping for a Necklace as Christmas gift? Points to consider for choosing the perfect length for your recipient.

Are you looking to purchase a necklace for that special someone on your list? A gift of a necklace is a thoughtful and personal gift. Here are some things to consider to help you choose the perfect necklace for your recipient.
First of all, different lengths are appropriate for different occasions, so consider the style of the necklace  to determine where the necklace is most likely to be worn (casual occasion or dressy occasion).
Second, consider the attributes of the person for whom you are purchasing the necklace. In general, a longer necklace tends to accentuate the bust while a shorter necklace accentuates the neck. If your recipient has a thicker neck then perhaps she would feel more comfortable drawing the attention away from her neck by wearing a longer length.
Another factor to keep in mind is the neckline of the garment she might wear with the necklace. If she wears open neck or v-neck lines then having the necklace sit in the open chest space created by the garment would be perfect but if she is more likely to wear a higher neckline such as a turtleneck then a longer necklace would be better suited for this neckline.
Here is a list of the common lengths of necklaces and some information about each of the lengths:

Collar style:  12 to 13 inches in length and lies in the middle of the neck, often has 2 or 3 strands. An elegant  look that works well with boat neck, v-neck or off the shoulder garments. Can be worn for dressy occasions or casually with a pair of jeans.

Choker Style: 14 to 16 inches in length and is the most classic and versatile length as it goes with most necklines. Can be single or multistrand and can be worn dressy or casual. Also a good choice for a child's necklace as it provides room for growth.

Princess Style: 17 to 19 inches is also a popular length as it works equally well with crew neck or high necklines as well as plunging necklines.

Princess Style

Matinee Style: 20-24 inches in length is great for higher necklines and is well suited for business wear or casual wear.
Matinee Style

Opera Style: 28-34 inches in length and is versatile in that it can be worn as an elegant single strand for higher necklines or doubled upon itself can be worn as a 2 strand choker suitable for open necklines.

Opera Style

Rope Style: over 45 inches in length and is sexy and elegant while drawing attention to your curves. Versatile as well, it can be doubled or tripled to achieve shorter lengths.

Rope style worn tripled

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me what length of necklace is your personal favourite and why it is your favourite.

Topaz November's Birthstone

Happy Birthday November!

This pair of Topaz Earrings from my Etsy shop Beaded Embellishments was just featured in an Etsy treasury.

They can be purchased in my Etsy shop here Topaz Swarovski Sterling Earrings

Follow this link to see the Etsy treasury that featured them: