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Sweet Surprise

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled

The first gift idea was for a silk scarf

I posted a picture of a beautiful

plum and copper silk scarf

Shortly after I posted I was checking all the links 

to make sure they were correct and that 

they were working properly and

to my disappointment I discovered

that the scarf had just been SOLD

Immediately I was regretting that

I had not purchased it myself

when I had first found it

because it would have been so beautiful

with my new purple trenchcoat

that my husband had given me

for my birthday in March

I am spending the

Mother's Day weekend

at my daughters home

I arrived yesterday at dinnertime

Last evening, after we had

bathed Chloe and put her

to sleep for the night

my daughter, Karly

presented me with a beautifully wrapped gift

It was a large box

complete with her own

handmade decorations on it

Her eyes were sparkling

as she said to me

"I can't wait until

Mother's Day Mom,

I want you to open this now."

I opened the beautiful card

with the lovely sentiments

and then opened the big box

I removed crumpled tissue and

more crumpled tissue which filled up

the empty spaces

I removed some heavier weighted items

that were placed inside the box

so that I would not be able to guess

it's contents

I pulled out a blue envelope

with the words

Ocean Avenue Silks

I opened the envelope

and there it was

the beautiful plum and copper

silk scarf that I had loved

and thought was gone

and it was even more beautiful

than in the picture

Copper and Plum Silk Scarf

I was very touched by this

very sweet and thoughtful gift

from my daughter, Karly


from Chloe and Claude

What a wonderful

Mother's Day Blessing

and I am so thankful

for such a beautiful daughter

and all the richness she has brought to my life

Happy Mother's Day

to all the beautiful