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Etsy, What Is It?

What Is Etsy?

For those of you who haven't heard about Etsy or for those of you who have heard but are wondering what
 it's all about, this blog post will give you some basic information.

According to the Etsy website, "Etsy is the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace. Etsy celebrates
individual creativity in design and craftsmanship by connecting unique people, stories and items in a playful
and meaningful way. Etsy provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their  handmade creations, vintage goods and crafting supplies."

I am one of many Etsy sellers (and buyers). I operate an Etsy shop called BeadedEmbellishments.

My shop can be accessed by clicking on this link:

How does a person go about making a purchase on Etsy?

Here's a brief guide to what you need to know to get started.
Firstly you will need a to sign up for a PayPal account.

This is how you will pay for your online purchases.

PayPal is a third party agent who enables you to shop online without exposing your financial details.

It allows you to make payments online using your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.
(I have a credit card that I use solely for online purchases. I have requested a low limit so I can feel safe
about using my credit card online.)

Click on the following link to take you to the PayPal Sign Up

Once you have a Paypal account you are ready to go shopping on Etsy

You will need to register in order to be able to buy or sell on Etsy.

Once you have registered you can begin making purchases.
Click on the following link to get to the 'Register for Etsy page'.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start making purchases.

Follow this link to for information on purchasing an item on Etsy.

It's easy.

I invite you to have a look around my Etsy shop BeadedEmbellishments to familiarize yourself with an Etsy shop. 

If you should you have any questions about the purchasing process please don't hesitate to ask or you can follow this link to the Etsy Help Section.

I hope this post has helped you become aware of the wonderful world that is Etsy.

Have you ever made a purchase from an Etsy shop?



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