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~Have a peek at Chloe's page, she's my precious grand-daughter~

Bestest Bugs

Let me tell you a bit about the precious people in my life.My beautiful daughter's name is Karly. When she was a small girl we used to say to each that we were "Bestest Bugs". I was the Ladybug and she was the Butterfly and together we were the "Bestest Bugs". Each day when I packed her lunch for school, I would write a special note on a small piece of paper that had a ladybug and a butterfly on it , on the bottom of the note I printed the words "Bestest Bugs". Every day at lunch time she would look forward to see what I had written on her note for that day. (I later found out that all her girlfriends would also gather round to see her note) Mostly what was on the notes was little words of love and encouragement. Just a reminder for her to know that her Mom loved her!
Denise (left) and Karly (right)

On June 26th of this year my darling daughter Karly gave birth to a little baby girl, my first grand daughter! She named her Chloe Olivia and she is a beautiful girl and she brings us both so much joy!

Karly kissing Chloe

Now since I am the Ladybug and Karly is the Butterfly we had to come up with a "bug" that would represent Chloe so she could be part of the "Bestest Bugs". We thought about it for awhile and decided that Chloe would be a Caterpillar. And because caterpillars eventually change into butterfly's we thought that it was fitting for her. So she is now an official member of the "Bestest Bugs".


This is a fairly recent picture of Chloe. She is now 8 weeks old. If you look closely at her picture you will see a caterpillar embroidered on her onesie. Interestingly enough, this onesie was something that Karly received at one of her baby showers before we had decided that Chloe would be a caterpillar. Maybe it was her destiny!!! (lol) Another funny thing was that after Chloe was back home and after we decided that she would be the caterpillar, Karly was looking through some of the shower gifts she had received. There was one picture frame for photos for every month of baby's first year and we noticed that it was decorated in ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars. No other insects just those three!

Another confirmation of our bond of "Bestest Bugs" between a mother, her daughter, and her daughter's daughter!


Deborah said...

Love this! Im getting a tear in my eye...

Deborah xoxoxoxoox

Anonymous said...

You're cute.
You will always be my "Bestest Bug".
I love you Mom.

~Butterfly xoxo

Deborah said...

This is one of my favourite photos of you both together..so sweet

Deborah xoxo

Karly & Chloe said...

You're beautiful Mom.
Chloe and I love you so much :)
Thank you for being YOU!

Rae said...

Your Chloe is beautiful!
I have a Chloe also, She is my youngest grandbaby.
So very glad to meet you! Looking forward to blogging with you.

Kelsey said...

That is so sweet!! Just love hearing stories like that, and all 3 of you are beautiful. Thanks for following my blog, I'm now following you back!! Have a great week.

Honey from the Bee said...

What an adorable story. It's also great to read more about who you are and who/what inspires you.

I found you on the Aquarian Blog hop for this Autumn (although I am already a follower!) and have jumped in myself!